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Twitter Friend Highlights

Hello, everyone. I'm Jeanne Marcella. I write urban fantasy, and also gritty dark fantasy not for the faint of heart. My worlds eagerly explore quests and the grit of living. Relationships and romance are in there as well, but my work is not categorized as a true romance and often focuses more on plot.  


Nearly all my characters are LGBTQIA+, but that does not define who they are or the goals they reach for. My current project is an urban fantasy series called Infinity 8. For now it is set in the 1900s, in the San Francisco Bay Area, but will move into modern day.


Jeanne Marcella



Ask Melissa how she became a writer and she’ll give you two reasons: Stubbornness and an idea.


The stubbornness began at age twelve when she trekked to the mailbox in a Canadian blizzard and opened the letter she’d been hoping for — her poem would be published in a book. She knew then writing was her future. The idea came years later when she met her Marine Biologist husband. Together, through car rides across the country and conversations over burned homemade pizza, they created the tropical world of her debut novel, SEA OF KINGS.


Melissa Hope

December 2019

Marion Blackwood is the author of the fantasy novel "A Storm of Silver and Ash". She has a Master’s Degree in English and History Education and doubles as a high school teacher when the sun is up. Well, sometimes, also when the sun is down. When she’s not busy writing fantasy novels or telling teenagers what to do, she reads, binges shows, and plays video games. Marion has previously lived in the US and China, but now she once again calls the long, tree-covered country of Sweden home.


Marion Blackwood

November 2019

Kate is a freelance editor and children's author of middle grade fiction represented by Alice Sutherland-Hawes at the Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency in London. She has been a Pitch Wars and Write Mentor mentor, as well as working with authors and a judge in various other writing contests over the years. Kate loves supporting all writers and is always accepting new articles and interviews for her blog. She's originally from a small village in England but now lives on the Gold Coast in Australia where her life revolves around her family, her dogs, and books!


Kate Foster

October 2019

Deanna Jackson is in the Real Estate business by day, writer by night. She is working on her first full length romance novel which she got the idea for after a bad day at work, a Jill Shalvis book and a vivid dream.


Also, she is outlining a new sweet romance Christmas novel. She will soon be featured in the Twitter Writing Community book, set to be published Fall 2019.


Deanna is the host of the twitter chat #WritingCrew. The chat is for all writers and each week brings a fun new topic to discuss! Deanna resides in Ohio with her husband and three dogs. She is a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome survivor and hopes her WIP will shed some light on woman dealing with PCOS and infertility in relationships.


Deanna Jackson

September 2019